Sentinel louvres and grating

Sentinal Products
Hi-Light Industries has manufactured and installed high quality fixed aluminium louvre and grating sun screens for over 30 years. Hi-Light Sentinal screens have been utilised in both commercial and industrial applications across the country on projects from all sectors of construction.

The Sentinel range of louvres and grating offer numerous options in profile and application. This flexibility in product selection ensures we can provide solutions which achieve the design vision for your project. 

Vary the spacings between louvres to minimise the solar heat hitting the building envelope.  Select a grating profile that allows horizontal sunscreens to double as a maintenance walkway to clean the windows.  Utilise the visual properties of our screens for privacy or feature cladding. The possibilities are virtually endless.

In addition, Hi-Light have a number of standard fixing systems available to suit different substrates, locations and conditions.

Contact us to discuss the best solution for your application.