Choosing a Screen

Which Hi-Light Screen Best suits your needs?

Hi-Light aluminium screens are available in a wide range of profiles and offer versatility in use for all building structures, existing or new. To select the most suitable Hi-Light screen you need to consider a number of project factors:

  • Project location and the terrain category.
  • Height of the proposed screen from ground level in metres.
  • Purpose of the screen e.g.: non-trafficable, horizontal sunshade.
  • Position of screen on building e.g.: face mounted, away from building edges.

Use this information to select a screen type using our Automatic Calculating Program


Reduce solar glare, reduce air-conditioning running costs and size of plant required, are corrosion resistant and ecologically sound.

Trafficable Sunscreens

An innovative combination of two separate functions in one product.
All the benefits of a sunscreen with a trafficable platform for cleaning and maintenance of the surrounding façade and vision panels.

Daylighting Sunscreens

All the benefits of a sunscreen plus a light-shelf to reflect natural daylight up and onto the room ceiling, effectively reducing the need for artificial light.

Plant Room Screens

Artfully concealing irregular shapes, voidsand plant room uglies.
Locating plant room equipment on the roof of your building makes economic sense.
Hi-Light screens avoid creating an eyesore.

Privacy and Security Screens

All the benefits of a sunscreen plus protection of your privacy from neighbours and the security of your environment.

"T" Section Flooring

Provides an attractive lightweight walking surface that feels as comfortable underfoot as solid flooring.  Ideal for complex floor patterns and wheelchair access requirements.


Lightweight and corrosion resistant, Hi-Light screens give excellent lateral stability and open, attractive support for vines and creepers.  Hi-Light screens allow up to 95% free flow of air, reducing building cooling costs.

Rain Screens

Minimise the effects of wind driven rain and hail, protecting the façade and vision surfaces.

Cyclone Debris Deflection Screen

The ability to give protection against the worst the weather can throw at them is just another aspect of the versatility of Hi-Light sunscreens.  Tested in wind velocities up to 234 km/h and certified as a cyclone debris deflection system, Hi-Light screens are as tough as they are stylish.